Handing over Documents to Operations

Type: User Documentation 08-May-2023 | Martynas Pranulis

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Handing over Documents to Operations from Project Domain

After documents are prepared and ready in Project Domain they can be handed over to Operations domain. This can be done in Documents Handover web application where all documents ready for handover are listed. To handover documents to operations domain, select the documents you need to hand over in the main grid and click the "Handover to Operations" button.

Once the handover is finished a results screen will pop up to show you an overview of the handover.

NB: Documents cannot be modified or used in any procedures after being handed over so make sure that all work on such documents is finished before handing them over. The only exception to this is the confidentiality access list. It can be changed even after a document has been handed over so that that document can be made confidential.

To have an overview of documents already handed over to operations, enable "Include Handed-over Documents" option in "Tasks" dropdown.

Handing over Documents to Operations from Site Modifications

After receiving updates from the contractor, you need to hand over the documents from “Site Modification” to “As-Built” domain.

Although when a document is issued ‘As-Built’, it will automatically receive “Ready to Handover” status, other revisions can also be handed over, unless there are conflicts. To start the process, click on “Handover to Operations” under “Tasks”.

The dialog will give the user an overview of documents applicable for handing over, and show conflicts, if any, on the second tab.

Select the documents to hand over and click ‘Confirm’.

Re-scoping Documents Handed Over From Site Modification Domains

A situation might occur where a document needs to be updated after already being handed over. In such cases, the re-scoping functionality should be used. Re-scoping will remove the Handed Over value from the associated document project, copy over the current revision of the document from the asset domain and will set that revision as the base revision of the associated document project. 

To re-scope a document, just select a document with the "Returned" status and click the "Re-scope selected Documents" button in the "Tasks" dropdown. Since a revision will be moved as part of the procedure, there are some limitations to re-scoping. For example, documents whose current revision in the asset domain has a step that is not in the site modification domain cannot be re-scoped.

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