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Type: User Documentation 16-May-2023 | Siri Benedicte Dahle

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The greatest strength of PES Planning & Scheduling is that the plan is accessible to all project members, from top management to executors in the field. PES planning has two types of plans, Activity and Work Order plans, which is set up to accommodate logical linked precedence network schedules.

PES Planning & Scheduling plan types supports:

  • Configurable plan layouts
  • Histogram/S-Curves S
  • Summary reports
  • Baselines
  • Float analysis
  • Critical line analysis
  • Direct linked to PES Material System 
  • Interfaces to external planning tools 

PIMS PES tool which interact with planning tool:

  • Earned status, daily and weekly 
  • Handover status (Sub-System)
  • Hanging gardens(Work Orders and Sub-System) 
  • PIMS CMS (Completion Management System) 

Plan Types

  • Activity Plan:  A standalone plan suited with all required features related to progress reporting and analysis.
  • Work Order Plan: Has the same functionalities as the standalone plan, in addition the Work Order Plans are directly connected to Work Orders created in PES with real time material & logistics status.

Plan Register

Locate Plan Register by searching in the open field. This is also located under PES- Work Preparation & Planning . The plan register list all registered plans that you have access to.  

The columns in the grid carries key data for the plan such as Domain, Plan type, Calendar, Start/End dates and more.

Open Plan & Plan details

Open Plan : By clicking on the Open plan you will be directed to main view of the plan.
ID: By clicking on the  ID number you will be directed to the Plan details settings.

Note!  Plans are also accessible from your Portal page. 

Video Planning 

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