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Manage and control availability/coverage of Material needs with PES Material Management & Logistics module. Integrated plan with live status of material and easy access to live project status. Built upon "Floating Material’’ and ‘’First need, first serve’’ philosophy to ensure that material needs are covered in accordance with Material need dates. Shared platform with well documented work processes , prepare, plan and execute the material needs in one system. Bar code system is used for all material handling to streamline the logistic process and obtain quality data. 

This section will give a brief description of functions and features in PES Material Management & Logistics. The Material need and connected process is shown in chart. 

1. Overall Material Need

Materiall need can arise from : 

2. Is Stock Available?

After a Material need has been raised , we need to check the stock aviliabillity. 

Stock: A material ordered/ purchased for a materiall need 

    • Stock register : The Stocks "catalouge"  Lists all stocks that can be 
      ordered / utilized in the system.  

    • Stock item register : Inventorylist of the stock that is avilable at the warehouse

Not aviliable in Stock

If Stock is not aviliable - a Purchase Request (PR) needs to be raised and the purchaser must place an order. When the goods has been delivered at the Warehouse (Storage) this need be by confimed with a Material Receiving. 

Stock not listed ? Create New
Aviliable in Stock
If stock is aviliable a Need Date needs to be confired to proceed . 

The system is utilising Floating Material and First need, first serve philosophy

3. Material shipping

When a Need date has been established we can start the shipping process 
of the Material.


Before sending of the material, stocks need to be packed in e.g a Box , containers, (Cargo Carrying Unit (CCU).


If transport/shipping is needed this is linked to a Material Movment Ticket MMT
When Material has been shipped, recieved and handed out against the Materiall request the process is complete. You can Handout the material against one or more mulitple requests.

First Need - First Serve

The first need - first serve philosophy is based on the need date of a material. The earliest need date will get the materials distributed and serve first. Meaning that the materials distribution is not determined by order date if the material is requested with a need date that is erlier by someone else.  

The procedure is connected to the Material Request Item Statuses settings.



Example: Material Management & Logistic Work Process  

Request Material and service 

Material Receiving. Storage, Packaging and shipping 
Purchase Request 

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