Omega 365 Cloud

Type: Web Article 18-Jun-2023

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    Omega 365 Cloud

    Simple, Secure and Agile


    Omega 365 is hosted online relieves your IT resources by requiring only an internet connection. Its API can help you customize the final integration with the existing systems step.

    • Instant and continuous access without the risks, costs and administrative responsibilities associated with maintaining the required IT infrastructure.
    • Ability to scale rapidly to meet growing business needs.
    • Access to comprehensive security, backup and disaster recovery.
    • Access to applications without the burden of maintaining a distributed computing environment.


    Omega 365 are ISO 27001 certified and a partner with the industry leader cloud provider Microsoft Azure to ensure privacy, security and compliance for the infrastructure and environment.

    Microsoft is compliant across a diverse set of regulations. For more information about a specific compliance program, please see Microsoft Azure Trust Center.


    Omega 365 is a SaaS platform designed to streamline project and asset management across various sectors, including Oil & Gas, Industrial, Construction, Mining, and Infrastructure. Offering complete integration capabilities, Omega 365 caters to organizational requirements for planning, execution, control, and effective management of projects and assets, irrespective of their size. Leverage the power of seamless process integration and enable your teams to drive performance, by embracing and implementing your organization's proven best practices.

    Broad Global Reach

    Available to be hosted within any of the Microsoft Azure public cloud regions.