Pims Quality Management overview

Type: User Documentation 12-Mar-2024 | Giovanni Di Noto

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    Pims Quality Management adheres to fundamental quality management principles such as those proposed by ISO-9001 (International Standard Organization - 9001 Standard on Quality Management), 6-Sigmas, Lean, TQM (Total Quality Management) or Kaizen to name a few. 

    While Pims Quality Management can easily facilitate the quality management certification(s) that many organizations might be required to comply with in order to operate, it provides, by-design, sophisticated capabilities to carry out and complete the in-depth mission-critical quality control milestones that guarantee the integrity of each component in major capital asset projects. 

    Pims Quality Management has been primarily designed within a major capital asset project management context. This means that Quality Control aspects in Pims Quality Management go a step further compared to mainstream models, especially in terms of process depth, granularity and integration with other key Pims modules such as (but not limited to) PES (Preparation & Execution System) as well as Document Control, Risk Management, Management of Change, and Completion Management, downstream.

    For your convenience, we've developed user guides explaining all features available in Pims Quality Management core apps that you can access from the left-side menu.

    Pims Quality Management Release Notes are also available. 

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