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Type: User Documentation 08-Feb-2024 | Siri Benedicte Dahle

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    Pims Preparation & Execution System (PES) is an Integrated Digital Arena for work preparation, planning, expediting, execution, and reporting with focus on performance and deliverables.

    Pims Preparation & Execution System (PES) is an Integrated Digital Arena for work preparation, planning, expediting, execution, and reporting with focus on performance and deliverables.The system provides a digital visualization of your asset with project status, easy access to information, and the possibility to communicate a live plan with real time material & logistics status. By utilizing an advanced workflow engine and project reporting capabilities built on LEAN principles you can document digital work processes to enable continuous improvement, and connect work processes with your digital organization to ensure best practice.

    What is PES ?

    A set of modules based on flow efficient work processes for planning and execution of activites related to commisioning and offshore construction phas. This enables a common live project status on work preparation , expediting/material and offshore execution. 

    Who are the users of PES ?

    Project personell involved in work preparation , planning, expediting , execution and reporting related to the commisioning and offshore construction phase: 

    • Work Preparation 
    • Planning
    • Procurement 
    • Material Management & Logistics
    • Pims Status Reporting
    • LCI Coordinator
    • Pims Completion Managment 
    • Project Managment 

    Why use PES?

    Pims PES system enables all alliances/contractors to be involved in the project to ensure management of consistent status and information to monitor and identify bottlenecks and concerns.This enables the project to take necessary steps to adjust, ensure needed progress and efficiency of the offshore execution. 

    PES has easy access to live project offshore execution data and project status for all project members via Pims. Our core module in Pims PES is the Work Preparation module with fully integrated material and logistic system. PES also ensure a more simplified and consistent reporting across projects and alliances/contractors related to the offshore execution phase per asset. 

    In what phase of the project are different PES modules used?

    PES Project Portal
    Pre-AppraiseAppraise SelectImproveExecute 
    PES Org Charts
    Pre-Appraise Appraise SelectImproveExecute 
    PES Work Processes
    Pre-Appraise Appraise SelectImproveExecute 
    PES Work Preparation
    Pre-Appraise Appraise SelectImproveExecute 
    PES Material Management & Logistics
    Pre-Appraise Appraise SelectImprove (Concept Select)Execute 

    Pims PES Functions

    Pims PES consists of several functions such as Project Portal, Work Preparation, Material Management & Logistics, Planning, Procurement, Organization & Work Processes. These functions with intentions are presented below.

    Project Portal

    • Find Information
    • Understand
    • Get Control
    • Prioritise
    • Get things moving
    • Complete
    • Document
    • Ensure that new staff to the organization easily understand their job and contribute to the project

    Work Preparation:

    • Efficient and user-friendly generation of Work Orders
    • Live, uniform and transparent status easily available for the project organization
    • Structured information enables live status on detail and aggregated levels
    • Colour codes used extensively for status visualization
    • Built in business logic to secure high data quality
    • Revision control and change-log tracking (who, when, what)
    • Consistent estimating by use of built in estimating module with norms
    • Can run separate or closely integrated with other Pims modules as Material, Logistics, Planning, Completion (CMS) and Document Control
    • Material needs added to a Work Order automatically generate needs in the Material module. Material auto allocated based availability and need dates. Live material status as ETA easily live available direct in the Work Order module
    • Built in workflow based with electronic distribution and signatures.

    Material Management & Logistics:

    • Material availability visualisation
    • Continuous control over need and coverage
    • No manual status
    • Using floating material
    • Auto hold on material, logistics and procurement
    • QR code is used to automate and increase efficiency


    • Histogram / S-curves.
    • Continuously updated live schedules
    • Pre-defined schedule layouts
    • Scheduled and earned overviews
    • Lookahead (hanging gardens) overview


    • Material request workflow to be used for any items in addition to defined on MTOs
    • By the availability/coverage features all need for requesting/purchasing material will be revealed
    • Purchase request workflow to instruct procurement departments to purchase item listed
    • Purchase request items will be updated with ETA as soon as confirmed by the supplier and receiving data when arriving
    • Traceability will be taken care off by the purchase request item, and if require followed to the final installation location

    Organization & Work Processes:

    • Common work processes
    • Easy access to contact information and organization
    • Enable safe information share between multiple parties
    • Action tracker
    • Working areas

    Access to PES

    Access to Pims PES modules is being granted based on the position a user has in the project. Please contact the project admin for your project for more information on how to gain/request access.

    Introduction video of Pims PES