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Pims DCS Release Notes

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3rd Party Verification Follow-up (@40393) is a new application created for the operating company's users with elevated permissions to be able to issue contractor's documents for 3rd Party Verification (instead or on behalf of contractor). Documents will be available in this applications when "To be sent for 3rd Party Verification" attribute is marked true for the document profile. When one or several documents are sent from the application, they follow the same path as when sent originally by the contractor. Status of the verification and comments files are available in the follow-up application.

Apart from that there is a bunch of minor bug-fixes and improvements in the release. For example, @53753 - Possibility to register Plants is introduced in Asset Setup web application.

Audit of DCS security in DB objects (@41974) is still ongoing.

N.B. FlowPaper (FlexPaper) PDF reviewing tool in now being deprecated from the product to be replaced by more powerful and stable Foxit. Starting from the next release FlowPaper won't be available as a tool for newly issued reviews and to be completely removed from the product later this year.

Main highlights of the release are the following

  • Possibility to remove/replace review receiver in multiple ongoing reviews added in Document Register web app as shown on the picture above (@19171).
  • Appendix files uploaded to Pims are not automatically renamed to keep potential information in original file name (@20481).
  • Type "Original" is now the default value for all files in upload documents web app (@20953).

Some useful new features

  • Introducing the long awaited "Add Receiver(s)" functionality in the Edit Review dialog (@10939).
  • 3rd party verification history is now available in document profile web app (@19220).
  • Contractors shall be able to change Contractor Document ID attribute in Documents Details web application (@20965).
  • Distributed load solution implemented for downloading excessive amounts of documents with files (@11160).
  • Introduced Actions Log into Interface Documents application (@11555).
  • Added new fields with descriptions into correspondence navigation views (@21205).

For more details, please check attached release notes

Release 20.07 is all about minor fixes, improvements and performance tuning.

Some useful new features

  • Added data filtering possibility in the Review response comments excel sheet (@11032).
  • 'Comments' field is now available to be added to the grid in Documents web app.
  • Navigation Panels got description to be used together with IDs (@16088).
  • Correspondence ID preview in the wizard (@16609).
  • Documents can be removed from SM scope by uploading revision with 'voided' step (@16942).
  • In Upload Documents web app 'Reply' type will be preselected when uploaded file contains 'ReviewComments' in the name (@17622).

Performance tuning and improvements (@12642, @16266, @17816, @17953, @19127, @19383, @20237, @10530). Web apps are updated to handle potential vulnerabilities (@19545, @19656, @19906).

For more details, please check attached release notes

Main highlights of the release are the following

  • All development and demo environments are now on SQL Server 2016.
  • Introduced files upload functionality in Batch Import web app (@13903).
  • Lots of minor updates and fixes - check attached release notes for details.

Some useful new features

  • Two custom free-text fields added to documents register and are available for data import through batch import (@15567).
  • Added Actual and Planned dates in the grid of Interface Documents web app (@14393).

Performance in various apps and processes improved (@17107, @17038).

For more details, please check attached release notes

Main highlights of the release are the following

  • It is now possible to have a "stamp" on the finalized review PDF file with review status code and date information - can be enabled per Domain (@11853).
  • Files with review comments replies will now be always saved in Revisions Files (type "Review Comments Reply") (@14313).
  • We have started introducing cross application links for easier navigation, for example from document profile to related contract detail app (@14316).

Some useful new features

  • Email notification feature introduced in Interface Documents for newly available documents and new revisions (@12289).
  • Updated UI in document profile to make draft revision more "visible" and easier accessible as a reaction to the request from contractors-world (@15931).
  • Added a dialog to the "Download Review Comments" functionality in Documents web app with an option to download files for all reviews or only reviews with comments (@15597).
  • Added ability to immediately send a rejection email notification from Contractor Submittals Import web app (@15880).
  • New Review web app now has a dedicated "Full Screen" button for easier switch of view (@15873).

Minor changes to be noted

  • Changed how engineering tags are shown in documents apps - semicolon is used to separate engineering tags and description is removed (@14458).
  • When bulk downloading files in Interface Documents, files inside archive are renamed according to following structure: "[DocID]_[Revision]_[FileName]" (@15864).

Performance in various apps and processes improved (@15604, @14114, @16252, @16183). We are now finishing and testing new feature to import files together with metadata in Batch Import web app.

For more details, please check attached release notes

Release 20.04 is an absolute record of items processed during one sprint - 140 issues closed, 105 of which go to release! That means more than a hundred of improvements are there in core product now, making life easier and even more stable.

Main focus of the sprint was on making new review app (using Foxit v7) robust by minimizing the risk of glitches (@11840, @13881).

Main highlights of the release are the following

  • Good news for contractors - Uploading Review Comments Replies is simplified in Documents Upload webapp.
  • We've got rid of the button "Upload Review Comments Reply..." on top and will always have replies submitted from the grid with "Reply" File Type - this allows multiple files to be processed in one go. Comments are parsed from both XLS and PDF files.
  • Statuses on PDF comments can be used to provide status of replies (@12086, @12765, @10520).

Long awaited update for review app (Foxit v6) - seamless commenting approach, meaning you can start making comments online then download PDF, continue commenting on your offline device and later sync comments back to Pims or vice versa (@10531).

Correspondence updates - now we have optional possibility to include the content of the correspondence and attachments into email notification being sent out (@10965)

On lockdown, but still full speed.

For more details, please check attached release notes

Main highlights of the release are the following

  • We've introduced extended logging for three new tables Revisions, RevisionsFiles and CorrespondenceFiles (@10578), so you can be sure every data change is thoroughly tracked.
  • New feature in web Correspondence - possibility to send internal correspondence to internal contracts (@10795)

New simplified and updated Review application with newest version of Foxit PDF web-viewer is now released! New Foxit PDF viewer and markup editor is easier and much more comfortable to use. We've put much efforts into making Review app lean yet powerful, including seamless online-offline marking up experience (@10411). Give it a try and let us know what you think. Don't forget to check for the latest hot-fixes to grab the latest updates.

Some important bug-fixes and changes to mention

  • @11735 - Fix for Internal Distribution Tray to be properly cleaned and allow redistributing.
  • @10515 - Interface Documents notifications shall have links to the application with filter applied for easier access.
  • @10529 - New optional metadata field available for Documents.

For more details, please check attached release notes

Release 20.02 comes with many minor stuff fixed and updated. We are one step away from introducing the updated version of the Review page utilizing Foxit Web PDF tool version 7, so keep tuned.

Meanwhile there were some improvements related to the handling of dates in cross-platform usage (both win and web) of Pims DCS across completely different time zones (#49998, #51189). New validation check introduced to contractors uploading app to check if previous review response was returned to contractor (applicable when "Inform originator immediately after review was finalized" is turned off on Contract level) (#52199).

We have received very positive feedback on Extended Logging feature from the implementations, so getting it up to date (#51677); we'll introduce optional extended logging for some of the other critical tables in release 20.03.

Some other updates worth mentioning

  • #52143, #50717 - updating the application layout and introducing latest grid in "Upload Documents" web application to match the rest of the applications.
  • #52125 - Implemented Delegation actions logging into a separate table for further reference and actions.
  • #51951 - DCS Configuration - Fixed the option "Only Current Tab" while copying from the "Web Applications" tab.
  • #51722 - Improving performance of saving a note in the Response grid having more than 100 responses.
  • #52002, #52019 - Updates to the visibility and data availability for contractors when sending Documents for External Review.

For more details, please check attached release notes

New Year - new improvements and features are introduced in Release 20.01.

  • We've been looking closely into minimizing potential risk from known web-related vulnerabilities (#51381 - Minimizing the risk of Cross-Site Request Forgery; #51634 - DCS Documents to be Issued for Review web app: removed XSS (Cross Site Scripting) vulnerability.).

Some useful new features

  • "Edit Review" dialog can now be accessed from the Review app (as shown in the picture above) as well as from Document Details app (#51491).
  • New web report "Review Statistics by Person" is introduced - showing accumulated numbers on users' reviews performance by period in time (#51052).
  • Introduced possibility to add multiple contract's mail addresses for a sending email notifications as CC (#50869).
  • While adding new reviewer into the review you can choose to have new receiver be included into Distribution Setup (by default) or skip adding to the Distribution Setup and have receiver in one review only (#50950).
  • Introduced possibility to import Project PO Number using web/win Batch Import (#48905).
  • In the Interface Documents there is a new possibility for the contractor to provide access to some of own documents to the other contractor in the interface without a request from the other side (#51483).

Important bug-fix for 3rd-party Foxit web tool used in Review process: markups having some special characters were not always saved correctly, please find more details in the issue #51652.

One of the important changes is that Domain Type (Asset, Project, SiteModification) is now explicitly set in DCS Configuration to simplify logic behind (#51323).

We are now working hard on introducing updated and simplified Review app with the newest Foxit web-pdf tool to be released very soon. Keep tuned to find out when it's ready.

For more details, please check attached release notes

The sprint 19.12 was all about improving the general quality of Pims DCS - fixing minor glitches all across the module and improving the main processes was the main focus.

There were quite some changes in the following winforms or web applications:

  • Batch Import
  • Configuration
  • Contractor Submittals Import
  • Correspondence and Details
  • Distribution Matrix
  • Document Review
  • Documents Register
  • Documents Upload
  • Interface Documents
  • New Document wizard
  • Project Status
  • Site Modifications Documents
  • Transmittals
  • Navigation views, mega-menu, delegation and email notification processes

One little useful thingy now available in Review app - Copy selected text and Printing the file directly from the app (see the picture attached).

For more details, please check attached release notes

Pims DC Release 19.11 contains a lot of bug fixes and improvements.

Some of the most useful improvements from the latest release

  • #50923 - possibility to remove reviewer from Distribution Setup when removing from Review in web (button removed from the dialog, now it's available from the context menu per each row - see the screenshot above)
  • #50715 - Documents Details web app will now have delete functionality for users having delete permissions on Documents.
  • #50927 - Shared Documents and Correspondence app got files to be shown directly in the list view.
  • #37913 - long waited feature in Correspondence: added possibility to share correspondence files, when sharing the correspondence itself.
  • #51016 - DCS Contracts app (both win and web) now has new metadata field "Comments" for easier management of contracts.
  • #49915, #50722 - Pims Task for creating reviews was updated with more information to be logged for further analysis if unexpected situations arise.

For more details, please check attached release notes

New functionality introduced in Pims DCS - Interface Documents (#50617)

Interface Documents is used to share documents between two interface parties. The two interface parties can ask and give access to view each other's documents. When an interface party uploads new revisions to the Company, the revisions will also be available to the other interface party. This will remove extra work and ensure that interface parties will always have access to the current document revision. Detailed workflow below:

Documentation / guidelines are soon to come.

Some of the items worth mentioning

  • Demobilization functionality is being prepared to be introduced (#49748).
  • Reports app launcher updated (#50859 ).

Useful items to pay attention to

  • Web Batch Import app will now provide possibility to preview changes before and after actual import (#50491).
  • Site Modifications part got a bunch of updates and improvements: introduced reports, review follow-up, filtering voided and superseded documents, filtering closed/cancelled projects, documents confidentiality, documents plans per project (#50751).

For more details, please check attached release notes

Main focus of the Release 19.9 was on making existing solutions even more stable and improving the performance of massive operations like importing distribution setup(#50296, #50300)

New little thingy making life easier that was requested quite long ago and waiting for it's time to be introduced - contractor's response to review comments can be reverted by document controllers if required as shown in the picture post picture (#32046)

For more details, please check attached release notes

August release (19.8) is the biggest ever by the amount of processed issues (91 processed requests for improvements, changes and bug-fixes)!

Most of the focus was on improving main web applications for Document Controllers to make it simple yet powerful enough for most of DC actions to be available on web.

Main DC's apps updated

New way of responding to review comments for contractors - by utilizing inbuilt PDF response mechanism (49183). Now comments responses can be left directly in the response PDF and uploaded back to Pims by utilizing regular Documents Upload app.

Improvement in review completion notification process (49602) - once review is finalized, email notification can be sent directly to responsible person at contractor's side, skipping additional step of contractor's DCC being involved (notification is still sent as CC to contractor's DCC). We have a dedicated field called "Notify on Reviewed" on Document's level now, which is available to be updated from both Documents Details or via batch import.

Introducing external review workflow revamp for "contractor-world" side (49591). Whole workflow of sending new revision files for external review with support for: document profile workflow status, email notifications, deadline dates and general overview (both win and web).

Some more updates to highlight

  • Import Distribution Setup shall also handle user Login, not only PersonID (49836).
  • Sent correspondence can be updated by users having "Manage All Correspondence" capability (39445).
  • Advanced actions (like in adding reviewers, sending reminders) is now available to all users having "Review: alter ongoing" capability (49793).

For the rest of UI/UX, performance improvements and bug-fixes check release notes attached.

For more details, please check attached release notes

July release is second biggest by the amount of issues processed – 63 improvements, changes and fixes.

Several items making life easier

  • Additional action type is added to the general action list on “My Page”: correspondence comments reply request pending (49594).
  • Expired users are highlighted in relevant apps and winforms (e.g. Distribution Setup as shown on the screenshot above) (49420).
  • “View My Comments Only” option was added to Review app to show only own comments (49393).

Other issues to mention

  • Export only PDF files to offline archive (49100).
  • Improvements and fixes in Importing Distribution Setup in web (49588).

For more details, please check attached release notes

June release includes a bunch of minor fixes and improvements.

Two bigger changes to mention

  • Correspondence metadata setup is no longer dependent on the plant and has a separate setup section for correspondence attributes (as shown on the screenshot attached) (42050).
  • Documents can now have projects form different plants (49053).

One of the improvements in the new release - ability to mark appendix files to be uploaded from web "Upload Documents" app (49049). Appendix files have clear UI indication in all relevant web applications.

Document Controllers working in multiple display environment setup with different screen dpi's might be happy to know that winform shrink glitch was fixed (44917).

For more details, please check attached release notes

Some highlights in May release 19.5

  • Possibility to distribute memory hungry modules to other servers and support for importing offline review annotations by using XFDF files (48315).
  • Correspondence performance improved – loading correspondence details and creating new correspondence now works way quicker (47685).
  • Introduced possibility of having different online review markups page (FlowPaper) for historical records, after switching to use Foxit markup tool (48830)

For more details, please check attached release notes

April release has two main highlights - Possibility to execute Site Modification projects in separate domains and new web-apps:

  • Focus on Operations phase. Site Modification projects can now be handled in separate Domains, possibility to initiate conflicts resolutions before handing over of final revisions to Asset domain, possibility for contractors to provide any revisions numbers, no need to include project code anymore (47541).
  • More of DC tools are now available in web (MDR and Distribution Setup Imports, Contracts and more) (47251).

Smaller things making life easier

  • Preview of PDF files in web-viewer without a need of downloading (48301).
  • “Search in Files” is now also available in Documents Grid View (47559).

For more details, please check attached release notes

March release contains mainly minor fixes and improvements.

Most notable improvement

  • Allows comment responsible finalize reviews for a set of documents by using review status prepared by Consolidator (called Leader in that screenshot) (48190).

For more details, please check attached release notes

February release is small - only minor fixes and improvements.

Most notable being

  • Added PO Number to Documents Projects which will be auto-filled and saved in Project Revisions tables. Possible to filter in Project Status and visible in Doc.Details pages (46112).
  • Web Correspondence: added possibility to register new correspondence of types Letter, Report, MoM (47596).

The team is busy working on important new functionality for making Pims DC more efficient in Operations phase - Site Modifications in a separate domain, including conflicts resolutions and handover back to Asset domain. These results might become available for current and new customers already in spring 2019.

In parallel we continue to work closely on improving the new online commenting tool - Foxit and creating more DCC tools on web.

For more details, please check attached release notes

Most notable updates this month

  • Offline Archive now does not require SSIS installation. Also the feature is now available in Documents web page (43822).
  • New web page "Configuration" (46251).
  • Review page: Online annotating will be available for CR when using Foxit after uploading pdf file with markups (45944).
  • New dialog window with email content when trying to open Appframe email in "Emails" tab, in web "Transmittals Details" page (47106).

For more details, please check attached release notes

Everyone can decide what is more interesting by looking at the detailed report attached, however I would mention few things:

  • Addition of several new fields into grids and configuration lists.
  • Transformation of review statuses per contract (#36429).
  • Automation of Plant selection in Correspondence (#45794).

In future we plan to make separate attribute registers for Correspondence so that it is not required to think about plants there at all.

From the picture above you can notice we have started working on several configuration applications on web, which were only available in win-client before. The concept there is to allow document controllers to do more of their daily tasks in browser, reducing the win-client necessity to administrators. In future more setup applications will be added like Distribution Groups, and features for DCs, like the Batch Import and/or a dedicated simplified application for MDR imports and Submittals Imports page

In addition there is a whole new Pims Information Exchange (PIE) sub-module being developed by a separate team, which will allow synchronization of data in between the central Cloud server and multiple on-premise instances for scenarios with poor Internet connection in remote locations.

For more details, please check attached release notes

This release is of a record size and volume - over 70 different improvements, updates and fixes.

The biggest update is the introduction of new web PDF viewer and mark-up tool "Foxit", made by a world's leading provider of PDF solutions "Foxit Software". You can test it on Dev already now and it will be available on Demo servers as default PDF review tool next month. We have a constructive dialog with the vendor regarding any glitches in the control and the library, so we hope that together with them we will be able to provide quality services to our customers who would choose to utilize this new tool (configurable option).

Other notable changes include

  • New version of FlowPaper splitter tool: fixes issue when FlowPaper not showing text within drawing (45093).
  • Review admins will be able to change review type on open reviews in Document Register form (45359).
  • Now possible to define review calendar (ref. working days and holidays) per contract (35631).
  • Revisions can now be uploaded as a resolution for conflicts of concurrent projects revisions - new file type "Resolution" (44389).
  • Review type will now be set to "Simple" by default when sending internally produced documents for review (45229).
  • Allowing contractors to update document titles in web (Documents Details page) for document belonging to their company (34199).
  • Possibility to convert files to PDF in Document Register form without Approval (37527).

As well as: new fields in Batch Import, new replacement tags in ID notification emails, many additional fields in Export Setup and other performance and stability improvements/fixes.

For more details, please check attached release notes

Most notable changes this month

  • Better implementation of content search feature in web, faster search and no more limitation of 2100 results (44088).
  • Added new ReviewClass which allows to not automatically distribute newly uploaded document revisions to review receivers and internal distribution receivers (44527).
  • Added possibility to supersede documents in Batch Import (44555).
  • New version of FlowPaper splitter tool: fixes issue when FlowPaper does not show text within the document (45093).
  • "Update Review Class on filtered documents" feature has been added to Distribution Matrix web page (44528).

For more details, please check attached release notes

Not everyone was on summer vacations in August, we also have done some work improving DCS. Most notable developments are regarding concurrent engineering, specifically handling Site Modification projects in an Operations phase.

Other notable improvements include

  • Improved robustness of the Documents Uploads page.
  • Easier configuration of projects in Distribution Templates.
  • Multiple improvements in the Batch Imports form.

For more details, please check attached release notes

Most notable updates this month

  • Added ability to set many projects current revisions as asset current revisions also identifying conflicts (43804).
  • Recreated Tags Search form to show full Documents-Tags list in the domain with a possibility to search on attributes from both sides (43940).
  • Revived DCS-specific Reports web page (43271).
  • Granted access for contractors to view the Project Status web page (43701).
  • Improved performance of reserving document IDs in Documents Register (43736).

There are many other improvements, fixes and changes focusing on making Pims DC a better, more stable and configurable product.

For more details, please check attached release notes

This release brings many exciting improvements to the Pims DC module. Some of these were requested by our existing customers and some we have learned from our participation in tenders with other leading global players in the energy sector.

Most notable features

  • Support for new optional SystemActionType "Review Consolidator" which can prepare a response for CR to just finalize (43468).
  • New review type "Simple", for internal documents (having no response), allowing the author (set as CR) to collect comments on a draft, before issuing for approval (43583).
  • Support for dossiers (structured lists of documents that are expected, but not necessarily existing yet) with a possibility to import structure and export documents (43466).
  • Navigation Views concept: an alternative feature to navigate in Documents web app using a folder-like structure of filters managed by users (43467).
  • Possibility to export documents into an Offline Archive that is searchable and contains hyperlinks to files (43591).
  • Possibility to remove receivers from Distribution Setup via Batch Import when users are missing in Excel sheet and the corresponding check boxes are marked (43451).
  • Allowing to configure more fields in Documents Search Setup; improved loading speed of the Documents web page (43290).
  • Documents Handover feature from Project to Asset (43582).
  • Change in Delegations, allowing multiple persons to delegate their actions for the same period to the same person (43690).

For more details, please check attached release notes

Most notable changes in this release

  • New process allowing contractors to submit non-existing documents via XLS (like MDR) for optional DCC validation using Batch Imports, eliminating the need for DC to register such transmittals manually (43262).
  • Distribution Templates are now available on Web. Normal users can add/remove themselves to/from existing distribution templates (42466).
  • Documents Register: revisions files can now be renamed by superusers (42970).
  • DCS Contracts now can be marked as inactive (42919).
  • Improved short date formatting when user's device is configured with UTC-x time offset (43274).

For more details, please check attached release notes

Moving further along the way of making the grids on web more useful, we have added optional details panels to the Grid Views of Documents and Correspondence registers (42462)

Performance of Pims DC module was tested with millions of documents and hundreds of simultaneous requests via the web server. Test results are documented and available for customers upon request.

As usual, please review "Change" items carefully to make sure that they don't clash with your processes. Some of such changes include data manipulations that should be tested out in a pilot version before launching to production.

For more details, please check attached release notes

One of the goals of Pims Unification project is to utilize a common universal notifications system. Workflows modules already have used something similar so we have generalized the concept to allow other modules to join and added the DC module (42133).

Main feature is a possibility to choose notifications frequency per module among: Immediate / Daily / Weekly / No Emails. Almost all notification emails that are currently being sent by the system from Pims DC might not be sent immediately based on each user's preference configuration. There will be an indication in the header bar of the web-client when new notifications are pending, and if unread until the next configured interval, a digest email with a list of new unread DC notifications will be sent to users who prefer not to receive immediate notification emails. This feature will allow active Pims DC users to work efficiently without having hundreds of notification emails bombarding their inboxes.

Besides this exciting change, there is as usual a number of other improvements, changes and fixes

  • New web applications: Projects Status that should be useful in a multi-project setup, like concurrent engineering 42201) and Transmittals Wizards for the old-school practitioners (42653).
  • Allowing DC more control over the sent correspondence (42459).
  • New mandatory fields possibilities in doc wizards (42101).
  • Performance improvements (42639).

For more details, please check attached release notes

This time we were so busy implementing the ambitious changes in the product that we even had to skip the February release - number of objects altered during this period is around 1500!

Most massive change is making all DC web pages "stateless", meaning that Current Domain will not have to be changed in web browser when clicking on hyperlinks from emails or following hyperlinks to another domain from My Page (42282). The change-domain feature is still available, like before, for reasons of changing focus when working with multiple projects, however now one will be able to have several tabs open in different domains - all it takes is a different "?Domain=" value in the URL.

MDR Review web application is removed (41311) - the feature of planning reviews (suggesting Review Class) is merged into the Distribution Matrix web app. More improvements is done to this app to make the work of configuring Distribution Setup more effective.

A little new feature for CR in review process on web was added - ability to delete own text/markups comments from Response but still keeping it in My Comments available for future reference (36983).

A change to the implementation in custom domain-specific captions of generic fields (e.g. DocsCustomText1, CorrCustomText1) was required due to a change in Appframe (42547). Translations will not apply everywhere automatically, we will consider performance impact before implementing in each case.

Newer version of the 3rd-party library Aspose.Pdf v17.1 is implemented, bringing a set of fixes and improvements in the features related to creating and modifying PDF files in Pims DC (41946).

For more details, please check attached release notes

We say goodbye to the year 2017 and so do we to the Sequential review type. According to our investigation on the most active DC customers this type is not used at all or is used negligibly little. All the benefits of this type are inherited by the Mixed mode which also does not have drawbacks of the former one. So R.I.P Sequential review (42025)

On the creative side, it is worth mentioning that several other Pims modules joined the new styling standard on web.

In win-world the visual representation of the Correspondence Thread got revamped with an interactive DevExpress Diagram control which allows to wrap ones head around a complicated communication history by moving the items around and being able to export charts to use externally (41327).

Documents with leading or trailing whitespaces will no longer be valid due to confusion it might create looking identical to humans but being different for computers (41896) so before applying this change package it is advised to check/fix any possible such cases.

Added permissions for DC Superuser role members to modify translations captions and clear web server cache afterwards so that changes apply to web pages without having to ask Pims support to refresh (41764).

You might have noticed last month that Documents and Correspondence registers on web have changed default view to Grid. This rigidity was improved a bit by making those apps to remember user's last choice on the machine, so now your preference is sustained. Also on mobile phones - list view will be default.

For more details, please check attached release notes

December release brings a revolution in style for all DC web applications. This is a first step of Pims Web Unification Project where the purpose is to provide a consistent look&feel, navigation and some common general concepts to web applications of all Pims modules and related Omega products.

Landing page now will be shared with "dashboards" of other modules where the user has access to show a global overview of outstanding actions and notifications. "Retractable" menu replaces the Right-panel, leaving more space to the content of your web apps.

All registers like Documents, Correspondence, Transmittals, Shared Docs and Corrs, are now reflecting the "desktop first" concept having new configurable Grids as default view (but don't worry, the List views are also available and the apps are still mobile-friendly).

On the product side of the release there is also quite a number of improvements as detailed in the Release Notes report.

Most notable of them

  • All DC tables are now storing date values as UTC all over and showing values based on time settings of users devices (41643).
  • Domain-specific captions for custom fields became available (41677).
  • More granular capabilities: "Recipients available for distributions" is split into 2 separate ones (41692).
  • More robust interaction with office applications used for convertions to PDF (41626).
  • Improved performance of "3rd Party Verification" web page (41713).

Omega Issue Tracker became even more "transparent" and now it is possible to see what DC issues are being worked on during the month and the progress on each of the active ones. This might help Pims Support developers to easier report status of specific issues to their customers.

For more details, please check attached release notes

The release this month appears to be quite technical - most important updates are under the hood and not easily visible.

  • Usage of alternative methods when connection to Exchange server is not available (41290).
  • Allowing to configure multi-select fields as mandatory attributes in Correspondence (41302).
  • Improved performance of Draft Correspondence app (41281).

More visible changes are regarding formatting of time in Correspondence (41153) - local PC time zone will be used, and not the Appframe setting as it used to be, this will be implemented in other DC applications (Win and Web) in future releases. Documents Status page has been redesigned to give a more understandable overview of documents delivery and review processes.

For more details, please check attached release notes

This release brings many interesting new features as well as many improvements.

Most notable developments

  • Change in how Classification Categories are marked confidential and how CAL is populated (40376).
  • Making permissions management system on contracts more granular (38272).
  • Support for registering Contracts Documents aka Appendixes (37915).
  • Support for automatic distribution of newly uploaded revisions for approval (40804).
  • Visual Thread representation in Corr. Register win app (40418).
  • Enabled Attachment files on Transmittals (41024).
  • Allowing to send reviewed draft revisions for approval (40962).
  • Improved saving of notes positions in Flowpaper (38826).
  • New-web application for delegations (39888).

All DC web apps are now converted to new-web framework, old apps are not going to be supported further by the product team.

For more details, please check attached release notes

This release is not very big and exciting due to summer vacations period, it contains mostly fixes and small improvements.

Most notable updates

  • New custom fields in Correspondence and Documents (as usual, also migrating data from the least used fields that will be removed (38678, 40069).
  • Making permissions management system on contracts more granular (38272)
  • New capability to manage 3rd-Party Verification files (40268)
  • Setting to disable the whole TPV process (40288)
  • Cleaner layout of Review History tab in Documents Register (40346)

For more details, please check attached release notes

Most notable improvements added to the product in this release

  • Delegations return feature; after deactivating a delegation or upon expiration the delegated and still open tasks will be automatically returned to originator (40289).
  • New delegation actions for Correspondence Reply Responsible and Primary Receiver; now it is also possible to delegate tasks inside correspondence (37876)
  • URL links containing domain parameter; now it is very easy to copy a link from the browser address bar (in Doc/Corr Search, Review) and to share it with colleagues through any communication channel without having to use the Share Link dialog (38419)
  • Contract members with 'Notify' setting in contract will be automatically added into 'CC' when creating new correspondence; now it will be clearly visible for who will receive a correspondence notification (39714)

For more details, please check attached release notes

In June Pims DC team has converted a lot of web applications to the new web framework: Transmittals, Submittals, Shared Items, Shared Document Submittals, a whole bunch of 3rd Party Verification apps and the new merged Distribution Matrix + MDR Review web app.

Many improvements to the product were done, with most notable being the long-awaited configurable web grids, content search in Correspondence and possibility to delegate actions in Approvals. Another design improvement for even better usability in the New Letter page, based on feedback from customers who implemented the previous version.

For more details, please check attached release notes

In May Pims DC module got boosted with quite many improvements and fixes requested by our customers, as well as several web applications were recreated using the new framework e.g. Document Review, Document Approvals, Register Correspondence and Documents Uploads. Correspondence Draft page for Letters was further improved to be even more intuitive with regards to common use case scenarios - now it is possible to send a Letter with PDF attachment according to project template without ever downloading a file (if signature is not required). MDR Review grid got redesigned with column filters, configurable Web Search filters and a configurable editable list of distribution receivers.

Items marked with type "Change" are also improvements, however those might require extra attention from the customers extensively using the product, since the logic related to those features will start behaving differently than it used to be.

Nothing dangerous should be expected from such changes - we are dedicated to providing a safe upgrades path for our customers, however it might be smart for an accepting responsible person to evaluate the current usage of features that have changed and possibly give warnings to users.

For more details, please check attached release notes

The new release, as usually, brings a lot of fixes and improvements, both in Pims DC and in the technology underneath.

Main thread of this release is the availability of Beta versions of Correspondence applications set: Correspondence Search, Details and Draft web pages cleanly rewritten using the new Appframe web framework.

Along the way many improvements were made, both visual/styling and functional. For example the new feature that allows Pims web users to collaborate on a letter text before generating the mandatory letter file from template and sending it.

For customers who did not yet switch to new Documents Search web page and have to stick to using the application based on the stored procedure, there is a significant improvement in the compilation times and cache sizes of that procedure, so that even on servers with high loads users don't have to wait for the compilation to occur.

Many of the improvements we do on web are being implemented only in new versions of the apps, so you should really consider switching to those apps in your instances.

For more details, please check attached release notes

In March Pims DC maintenance team has closed out quite many issues/suggestions alongside with still focusing on rewriting web applications according to the new platform - we are happy to announce availability of Documents Details web app for beta testing.

Documents Register form has been revisited with regards to performance in domains with huge amounts of documents, improving speed of features used by DCC on a daily basis. Also improved capacity of the system to handle big files, when merging them together into a distributable PDF file.

There were a couple of small design changes introduced in this release that make external contract members to be considered a more integral part of the team, e.g. they will be able to see review responses even though they are not employed in neither the originator, nor the reviewing company, but are involved in the contract.

Correspondence sub-module got a number of new optional fields allowing to relate records to asset as well as supporting multi-values for many of those fields.

Several new features requested for Correspondence web apps lately are only being implemented in the new version of Correspondence web applications which are still under development, but we hope to release them very soon.

For more details, please check attached release notes

In this release we have paid a lot of attention to the stability and performance of the system.

Documents Register win-form was heavily optimized for performance with huge numbers of documents, both loading/filtering and applying actions. All fields in the Info tab of this form became optional, so it will be easy to narrow down the list of used fields for different projects. Three of these fields became configurable, meaning that the names could be changed by the customer without a need for customization. Also made Correspondence Register more configurable allowing to exclude From/To Company codes if not used.

Several fixes related to issues with different cultures of users PCs should make the system more robust in the global environment.

This release includes important fixes to FlowPaper component (web markups tool used in the Review process) with regards to displaying point/area annotations in wrong place when zooming extensively. Also several small issues were fixed by the vendor.

Slight logic change regarding external users being contract members - they will get more rights as members, independently of the company on their Person record.

For more details, please check attached release notes

This month we have continued to work on rewriting web applications for better maintainability and performance while also focusing on issues reported from customer implementations.

New web documents wizard is already available for beta-testing.

Quite a few improvements were introduced mainly related to extending configuration options and making them safer. Also further improving the new web beta-apps that we introduced in last release.

Systems developers supporting customers should be aware of the important technical change involved in applying Appframe updates this month - a change of DevExpress version.

Pims DC change pack includes updated versions of all affected winforms and assemblies. Most Pims modules have also been updates and are available, however custom forms/libraries should be updated before applying the change to production to avoid downtime.

For more details, please check attached release notes

Another monthly update of Pims DC module is available, as always including fixes, improvements and new features implementations.

A more detailed list is available in the attached Release Notes (most notable: 36898, 37193, 37603, 36797, 36439)

Late 2016 we have started to look on improving maintainability of our product applications, especially the web part. With this in mind we have started to redesign the existing web applications one-by-one using the new, more standardized and responsive Appframe web version, trying to reintroduce all the most important features required by users in a manner that prioritizes performance as well as simplicity of support and customization.

This release features two beta-applications (MDR Review and Documents Search) letting users familiarize themselves with the new design while still having the old applications functional "just-in-case".

Most improvements in these new applications are behind the scenes and not very obvious to users, but are definitely valuable for IT specialists hosting and supporting these products. Users will notice that some actions will have to be performed a bit differently than before so it is important to understand that these new apps represent a complicated balance between being lean, fast, easy to support and feature-complete, satisfying requirements of most typical users of Pims DC.

Omega is dedicated to delivering high-quality, performing, maintainable and future-proof products and we plan to bring more redesigned apps in the coming releases.

For more details, please check attached release notes

In November Pims DC module got beefed-up with quite some fixes and improvements.

It is now possible to share documents and correspondence with users and contracts via web apps. Added possibility to use new fields as Mandatory and inside Word templates. Several improvements in Review, Distribution and Shared Items applications.

Performance was improved in several places and we are working hard to further improve the performance and maintainability of web applications.

Most improvements were done to web applications since web-client remains extremely popular among users and we receive massive amount of improvement suggestions from customers running Pims DC. Nevertheless win-client remains an important tool for document controllers and power users, also the main source for module's configuration.

For more details, please check attached release notes

During October Pims DC maintenance team has mostly focused on fixes and improvements related to Correspondence web part of the module.

  • Now all internal users will be able to see all non-confidential correspondence and shared items (just like they can see all non-confidential documents), independently of contracts memberships.
  • We have implemented proper support for MoM/Report corr. types that were not actively used before.
  • Updated several features related to contract-wide access for all internal users.
  • Allowed more granular configuration of primary receivers per corr. type.
  • Introduced a system to number/differentiate correspondence files.

Third party component, used for web PDF preview and commenting FlowPaper (formerly named FlexPaper) updated to version 2.5.1.

For more details, please check attached release notes and here

In September we have continued to focus on improving stability and performance of the module along with fixing some small bugs and developing improvements desired by several of our customers.

Main attention of developments stays on web part, where we seek to facilitate processes required by common, non-administrative users such as reviews, approvals, producing internal documents and distributions.

The newly introduced web Correspondence process was adjusted according to feedback from customers planning to start using it very soon, also many new suggestions to improve this further were registered.

Several improvements done in Batch Import, Distribution Template and the process of concurrent engineering.

Draft revisions of internally produced documents can now be sent for review. This will support the process of collecting comments before approval better than before.

This release includes new version of the web markups tool (FlowPaper) and of course new Appframe updates.

For more details, please check attached

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