Checking up on Documents' Status

Type: User Documentation 10-Feb-2023 | Martynas Pranulis

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An overview of document progress and review results within a domain can be found in the Document Status app. Statistics are provided for the current period and the previous period along with cumulative results for the entire lifetime of a project. By default, the previous and current periods correspond to the previous and current weeks but that can be customized. Filters are available at the top of the app and will filter data for both grids.

Document Steps

The top grid in the app tracks the numbers of steps achieved in a domain. 

A step is achieved in a document (or document project) when the first revision using it is created. Additional revisions created for steps that have already been achieved will not be counted. Also, revisions in documents which belong to the "Minutes of Meeting" or "Report" document groups will not be counted either. Neither will revisions in voided or superseded documents or belonging to cancelled document projects. The following table contains explanations on what is counted in each of the columns:

Previous Period

Revisions that are the first of a particular step within a document (or document project) that were achieved during the previous period.

The period a "Received" revision is counted in depends on one of several attributes. If available, the Received Date is used. If not, internal documents will use the Revision Date (and if that's not available - the current date), while external documents will use the revision's Created date.
PlannedDocument plans for a particular step which were planned for the previous period.
Current Period
ReceivedRevisions that are the first of a particular step within a document (or document project) that were achieved during the current period.
PlannedDocument plans for a particular step which are planned for the current period.
ReceivedRevisions that are the first of a particular step within a document (or document project). 
PlannedDocument plans for a particular step. Planned date cannot be later than the last day of the current period.
Within Schedule"Received" revisions that were received either before or on the Planned date for their step. A document plan must exist for a revisions' step for it to be counted.
DelayedDocument plans that either have no corresponding revisions or have a first revision that was received after their Planned dates.
Missing Plan"Received" revisions that don't have a corresponding document plan.

Clicking on any of the counts will produce a list of the counted documents which will appear under the review grid. Clicking on those Documents' IDs will open them in the Document Details app.


The other main grid in the app provides data about reviews.

The following data is counted in this grid:

  • Reviews closed with a particular review status. There are separate rows for each possible review status;
  • Ongoing reviews - reviews that haven't been finalized or cancelled. Ongoing Reviews are not counted in Site Modification Domains;
  • Overdue reviews - reviews that are ongoing but have passed their deadline. Despite overdue reviews technically being ongoing reviews, they are not counted as ongoing reviews in the "Ongoing" row.

Reviews in "Minutes of Meeting" or "Report" documents are not counted. The period to which a review is assigned to is based on its finalization date. As such, Ongoing and Overdue reviews, which do not have a finalization date, only have a cumulative count.

The review grid also has a chart to the right of it which visualizes its results. The chart can be exported in various formats.

Site Modification Differences

The Document Status app changes a bit when used in Site Modification domains. A project selector will appear in the toolbar. The grids will only display data for the selected project in Site Modification domains. The "Show All Projects" button next to the project selector to show data for all projects at the same time.

Also, in Site Modification domains, only project revisions are counted while in regular domains project revisions are excluded from counting results.

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