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25-Jan-2024 | Siri Benedicte Dahle

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Locate the Project Assurance Scorecard Register by searching in the open field of your menu. 


The Projects register lists all registered projects. The sidepane on the right lists the Project team. You can hide/show the side table by clicking on the sidepane icon.

Column Fields  Description 
ID Project Identification link, ID Link will open the Project Overview.
 Icon (link) will open Project Details (Administration of Project Team, Assurance Team and Sub Projects )
Project Name Project Title
AssetProject Asset 
Number of Findings Total number of findings on current (Stage)
Number of Critical RR Findings Number of Critical Readiness Review (RR) Findings
Team Member Team member, free text field.

Team Project Team (Project team, Assurance Team etc) 
Role Title Project Teame Role Title 
PersonPerson Name 

To view all stages of the projects, the switch show all stages needs to be activated. 

Open / View Project Overview

Click on ID Link highlighted in blue to open the Project Overview.  

Create a new Project

Click + Add new to create a new Project. 

A pop-up window will appear. 

Fill in key Project Details (Title, Asset, Initial Stage (Phase) and domain.)Click Create. You will now be directed to Project Details.

Project Details

In this view you can edit details and assaigned Project team members and add sub Projects.  

Project Team 

1. Click on the dropdown and select Team 'Category' E.g Project Team or Assurance Team
2. Add Person from lookup in the Person column. 
3. Write role title of person in the 'Role Title' column.  

Sub Project

1. Add title of sub project.

Project Overview

Click on Project ID link from the register to access the project overview. 

This is the main view for the Project overview. 

Note ! Configure and assign roles to stages in Project Details.

Project Findings

The bottom section is the Project Findings / Scorecards. 

Scorecards are categorized in discipline aspects. There are counts on each aspect showing (Total Findings  / Open Actions) 


  • Cost 
  • Drilling ans Wells
  • Expres
  • Facilities
  • Field Development 
  • Financial and SBD
  • HSSEQ 
  • Project Assurance
  • Operations 
  • Schedule 

Change the view by clicking on the buttons. 

Each Aspect has a Project Findings table, where findings can be registrered.  

Set action to Finding

In the Column 'Action' You can assign an action to a person. Click on the ( ... ) to open the action window. 
Select Responsible Name, set Status and select a Due date to create an action. Click outside table. 

An Action ID is created and assigned. The Responsible person will be notified automatically about the action in the system. 


Click the Notify button to send a notice to the Project Responisble in given "aspect".

A pop-up will appear where you can add more persons, a link to the scorecard is also included. 
Add additional information if needed and click Send. 

View Project Team Members

From the Project overview you can easily see project team members. Click on the button Project Team. A new pop-up will appear where Project team members are listed in the table. 

Note! Administrate Team mebers from Project Details 

Add Project Finding

1. Select Discipline Aspect.

2. Click in the grid (next to the star) and fill in details in column fields. 

Category Drop down category list that are connected to the selected aspect
Owner Project Findings owner 
Description /Uncertainty / Recommendation Text field for detailed description of project findings
FDR Status

Functional Discipline Review (FDR) Statuses. Colored status. 

RR Status Readiness Review (RR) Statuses. Colored status
Sub ProjectConnecting Sub Projects 
Affected BMS ProcessesConnecting Business Management Systems (BMS) that are affected by the project finding.
Maturity of Decision This field is connected to the selected Category (Summary) The selected record will show in the summary reports.  Colored status 
Affected Specification / Requirements Audit-controlled Specification / Documentation that are affected by the project finding. 
Task Assign Task to persons towards the observation.


Add New Sub Project

Click on + New Sub Project 

Enter Sub Project Title and click Create. The new sub project will now be listed in the Sub Project column. 

Filter Project Findings by Sub Projects

Click on Sub Project Filter button to view filter options for Sub Projects. 

Click Fetch Data to show records. 

Deleted Project findings

To include any deleted project findings in the table, you need to activate the "Show deleted Project finding switch. 


Click on the Cet as Current Stage button to define the stage.

If the current stage is complete you can transition to the next stage by clicking on the button. This will archive the current stage scorecard and create a new scorecard in the next stage. 

If there is a need to Kill/stop project an archieve it click on the button. This will remove "Is current Stage" on the Scorcard.

Log Project


Click on Report / Summary Report to generate reports. 

Project Details

Click on the Edit icon in the Project register. 

From this view you can edit and administrate Project details, Team members , Sub Projects and change the Current Stage. 

Note ! Click Save to confirm changes made in this view.


Click on Log to view all changes thats has been made. 


New Project   

Add Project Findings


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