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Type: User Documentation 25-Oct-2023 | Siri Benedicte Dahle

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One common digital arena to enable more integrated teams, increase quality and enhance collaboration. A shared platform for key project information. 

Arena for : 
- KPI's, Live Project Status and Focus Areas.  
- Graphical overview 
- Project News
- Pims News and link to support  

Portal (Main Page) 

Example of how a project portal (main page view) can be setup.

Left Panel
Main Panel
Right Panel
(Project News, Pims News/Support) 
Graphical overview, Status by area and sub area, Option to Link to 3D model where status can be shown in 2D and 3D view
Project KPI, Project Status, Focus areas etc 

Portal Links

At the top of the portal a number of link to other pages (internal and external pages) can be added.

Note! Portal Links (setup) are configurable and other links can be added to meet your project needs.  

Video - Portal

In this article