About Work Preparation Request (WPR)

Type: User Documentation 14-Nov-2022 | Siri Benedicte Dahle

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Work Preparation Request (WPR) is a communication tool for the work preparation group. Efficient and user-friendly generation of Work Orders to get new work approved. It has built-in Workflow-based distribution with electronic distribution and signatures.

Live, uniform and transparent status easily available for the project organisation. 

Example of WPR types 

  • EWP (Engineering Work Package)
  • SI (Site Instruction)
  • HUPR (Hookup Preparation Request)
  • STR (Scope Transfer Request)


  • Structured information enables live status on detail and aggregated levels
  • Built in workflow based with electronic distribution and signatures
  • Colour codes used extensively for status visualization
  • Built in business logic to secure high data quality
  • Revision control and change-log tracking (who, when, what)
  • Consistent estimating by use of built in estimating module with norms
  • Can run separate or closely integrated with other Pims modules as Material, Logistics, Planning, Completion (CMS) and Document Control
  • Material needs added to a Work Order automatically generate needs in the Material module. Material auto allocated based availability and need dates. Live material status as ETA easily live available direct in the Work Order module

Work Preparation is the first step in the overall Work Order process

 Video -  Work Preparation Request

In this article