About Livening Up/Down Notice

Type: User Documentation 10-May-2023 | Siri Benedicte Dahle

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A digital work process to control livening up and down systems. Livening UP & Down Notice (LUDN) automatically notifies users when action is needed.  Each notice can be configured with relevant roles and actions.  

Each workflow can follow a different path based on relevant disciplines involved and work to be performed. As an example a Commissioning Lead can be nominated to isolate the circuit and disconnect, Insulation Foremen to remove the insulation , Electrical Foremen for new installation ( A Test ) and field engineers for the mechanical completion check. After installation a new set of contributes can be nominated such as Foremen and field engineers for the re- insulation ( B Test and MC Check) and the Commissioning system Lead to connect the circuit and preform a C test. 

Execute the work safely with this digital procedure.

Video - Livening Up & Down Notice

In this article