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Type: User Documentation 12-Feb-2024 | Siri Benedicte Dahle

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Digital Workflow for Controlling Livening Up and Down Systems

The Livening Up & Down Notice (LUDN) streamlines operational efficiency by autonomously alerting designated users when action is required. Each notice is highly customizable, tailored to specific roles and corresponding actions, ensuring seamless coordination and execution.

Within this framework, diverse workflows can be coordinated, each guided by the relevant disciplines and tasks at hand. For instance, a Commissioning Lead may oversee circuit isolation and disconnection, Insulation Foremen handle insulation removal, Electrical Foremen manage new installations (including testing), and field engineers conduct mechanical completion checks. Following installation, a revised lineup of contributors may be appointed, such as Foremen and field engineers for re-insulation (including B Test and MC Check), with the Commissioning System Lead orchestrating circuit reconnection and executing a C test.

This enhanced digital workflow optimizes collaboration, task assignment, and progress tracking, fostering efficiency and accuracy throughout the livening process.

Video - Livening Up & Down Notice

In this article