Type: User Documentation 06-Dec-2022 | Aleksej Širokij

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R4 Reporting product consists of two main reporting tools Status Reporting and Pivots

Status Reporting

Status Reporting module allows to create consolidated reports with information from various Pims modules. The key features of the tool are:

  • Merge multiple reports into a single PDF/Word file
  • Report is based on a MS word template
  • Ability to create different Report types: Monthly, Bi-weekly and Weekly Reports
  • Supports integration of standard Pims reports
  • Can embed pictures and PDF source files
  • Allows to configure workflow so that the administration and completion of the Status report is managed through steps and ensures Report is published after it's input is reviewed and approved.
  • Built-in Email notifications for report contributors


Pivots application is a powerful data analysis tool, which allows users to create and share different layouts of data summarizing it on different levels. It alows to present data in charts, export data to excel and create custom calculated fields. Data Layouts can then be shared between team members or exported to Microsoft Excel file for further data manipulations. The module has a collection of predefined pivots (which are constantly being updated) access to which can be configured from any application menu.

In this article