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This application is used to setup Reporting solution. To access the setup application, you must have a Status Reports (Administrators) Role (Role Code: StatusReportAdmin) in the current Domain. This application is the starting point to configure your Status Reporting solution. When new domain is created and Setup: Status Reporting app is opened, initial configuration settings are initiated. It is required to go through these settings and either manually adjust them or use “Copy From...” functionality to copy required settings and values from another domain.

There are Domain/Project specific settings and Global Settings. To be able to change Global Settings, user needs to switch to GlobalTemplate domain and should be a member of a Global Administrator Role.

  • Note for Implementers / Developers
  • To initiate initial "GlobalTemplate" domain settings on a new or upgraded solution run [astp_Reporting_InitiateSolution] stored procedure

Report Settings

Report settings allows customizing a report type. When 'Frequency' is set, the a report will be created automatically at set interval.


General settings tab is used to setup default status report settings for every report type available.

  • Use Status Reporting Workflow - enables the creation of workflow.
  • Copy Content - enables an option that lets copying contents from previous report to the new one.
  • Use Import Sections - enables to import sections from other status reports.
  • Use Report Approver - adds an additional role to report that is responsible for approving a report before publishing.
  • Use Distribution - enables the option to create a distribution list to send the report to when it’s done.
  • Use Notification - automatically sends mail notification to section responsible users when a new version of a report is generated.
  • Use Arena - saves the report to the Arena.

Text Editor

Text editor allows customizing report font and font size. 

Default Font is Times New Roman, default font size is 12pt. Enabling Allow All Fonts and Allow All Font Sizes overrides default settings. Section Word Limit sets character limit for all sections in report. Section Word Limit can be changed for individual section by an administrator.

Workflow permissions

Workflow permissions allows to give permissions to persons if Status Reporting workflow is enabled for specific report type. 

To use status report in workflow, check 'Use in Workflow' option in Report Settings tab. When workflow is enabled for Report type, workflow roles will be generated. Navigate through Roles grid to assign persons for dedicated Status Reporting workflow role.


Notifications allows creation of templates that are used when sending notifications. Tags are used for inserting fields which will be processed when sending notifications.

Report Status

Report status is used to identify in which state the report is currently. These statuses can be renamed to what is needed and added multiple times, except for Initiate and Complete system statuses which are unique.

This status can only be changed in Status Reports Detail application by an administrator. This status also changes to a "Completed" system status when report is published and to "Verified" or "Approved" system status when a report is unpublished depending whether Use Report Approver setting is turned on for that type of report.

Report Templates

Allow uploading global templates that can be chosen when creating a new status report. The template can be uploaded by clicking the 'Click here / Drop files here' button in the new row of the templates grid or by dragging and dropping the template onto the grid.

Report Types

Report types show all available reports to be configured. New Report types can only be dome from Global Template Domain.

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