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    Welcome to the Technology documentation portal

    Appframe is a powerful application development framework. 

    Appframe leverages a range of robust, proven and trusted technologies: renown products such as the Pims project management suite (also known as Pims R4) and many other cool products & client solutions are built and maintained with Appframe.

    Appframe provides an intuitive, secure & collaborative set of tools for the rapid development of Windows, Web and Mobile secure applications, as well as their integration with other systems via a range of standard APIs.

    Appframe and product solutions built upon Appframe are very dynamic, agile and able to continuously evolve. Despite the rapid pace at which Appframe applications can be developed, security is paramount and built at the very core of Appframe: security features include data isolation mechanisms alongside roles and permissions guaranteeing the safety of data at a granular domain-level.

    Watch our introductory video below for a deeper overview of the many benefits brought by the Appframe framework and why you should choose this framework to develop your apps irrespective of their depth and complexity. 

    Head over to our YouTube Channel to get the latest news on both Appframe and Pims.

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    We wish You a great and enjoyable experience with the powerful and fast Appframe development framework.

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